Top 5 Hairstyles for Women and Men

Choosing the perfect hairstyle can work wonders for your overall appearance. Since your hair is integral to your aesthetic appeal it has to be styled neatly and well maintained at all times. You can choose from an overwhelming variety of hairstyles for men and women, both classic and dynamic. Hairstyles help to create a fashion statement as it reveals quite a bit about an individuals’ personality and character traits. Moreover, hairstyles can actually make or break an impression; when you sport nicely styled hair that is trendy and well-maintained, you can create a solid first impression. You can choose from any of these hairstyles that look chic and attractive on men and women.

5 Popular Hairstyles for Women

Today - Season 61Sleek Long Bob: The bob cut has been popular amongst women for many years and is regarded as one of the best professional cuts for women. The bob can be kept long and slightly bent in the edges; you can give a profound side-swept bang to cover part of your forehead.

Short Bob with Graduated Fringes: The extremely short length bob cut makes working women look rather elegant. You can decorate this relatively simple hairstyle with graduated fringes at the front and add volume to the crown.

Pixie Cut: The pixie cut needs super short hair which makes you look both stylish and beautiful. This cut is perfect for reflecting your personality. Stylists recommend keeping the hair on top longer and maintain softer edges around the ears and at the back in order to look both versatile and youthful. You can use styling creams to make it look neat or to give a windblown ease to it. For women with wider foreheads, it may help to keep long bangs on the forehead. In case you have other features that you would rather not highlight, you should consider them carefully before opting for this cut because it is bound to expose your facial features a lot. This cut is versatile because it can be conveniently altered to suit any occasion; you can use your fingers for instance to make it messy to give yourself a more chic look.

09Mid length layers with side bangsMid-length layers having side-swept bangs: This cut is dominated by internal layers and the stylist can do this by keeping the top layers long and the ones beneath it a tad shorter. The style is easy for movement and styling because it saves time and also helps to add volume to your hair. So, this style is definitely for someone whose hair usually falls flat. The sharp and chopper layers below help to maintain the shape and lift hair. You can use volumizing mousse in order to keep the bounce intact.

10Zesty swirlsZesty Swirls:This long hairdo sports big, lively and smooth curls. You can stand out in the crowd by adorning it with bright orange ribbons. The stylists will use a big barrel iron to curl the longer sections of hair away from your face. They will use clips to secure the rollers. Once the sections of hair get cool, the rollers are removed. Finally, the hair is set with good and flexible hairspray. This hairdo is suitable for flat and long faces, as the hair volume is slightly intense on the sides of the face. Hair that looks straight to wavy can easily be styled this way.

5 Popular Hairstyles for Men

01Super shortSuper Short: This is quite a popular hairstyle for modern men because it portrays a rather classic masculine look. The hairstylist will typically need to use clippers to get a super short haircut. He would shear off the hair to a uniform length all over the head. You will need to repeat the cut every month in order to keep the length short. This hairstyle is convenient because there is no need to style it; simply wash your hair and you are ready to go out.

02Front WaveFront Wave: This particular hairstyle for men has a serious appeal and looks suave and charming. It is very reminiscent of the eighties hairdos and looks quite mischievous and cheeky. The hairstyle is dominated by longer locks on your crown and tapering off at the sides. This hairdo gives a lot of volume especially when you comb it to any one side. You can use some gel or mousse to keep the wave intact.

03ShaggyShaggy Layers: This hairstyle is very attractive because it gives the impression that a person is not very uptight or arrogant. Men sporting this haircut appear to be more laid back about life in general. To get this hairstyle, you will need to grow the hair out for some time. The stylist will then chop the hair in layers, but the longer layers should not fall below the chin. The front layers can be kept longer and then swept to any side.

04Square cutSquare Cut: This particular trendy hairstyle for men gives a clean-cut look and makes you look stylish and chic. This gives an impression that you are very organized and balanced, emphasizing your manly features and attracting attention to the angles of your face. The cut must be done by a professional and he will clip the hair across the forehead, following it with a straight down both sides to make it similar to a half square.

05Slicked backSlicked Back: This hairstyle for men is retro-inspired. Women tend to get charmed by the slicked back hairstyle because it offers an aura of sophistication and charm. This style is perfectly suited for medium length hair. You can use styling products to get this particular look.

These are some popular hairstyles for both men and women which are suitable for almost all kinds of hair. These are easy to maintain and will make you look chic and stylish. However, it is important to remember that a style which may work for your best friend may not work for you or what makes a celebrity look the way he does may not necessarily have the same effect on you. The proper style will balance the face, underplaying your flaws and highlighting your best features. Wearing a style that is out of date is another mistake you should avoid; to stay in tune with the times, reach out to a reputed stylist and research on the newer hairstyling trends in the market.